Friday, June 30, 2006

Final Jeopardy!

"And the final Jeopardy Answer: Sprout, Dumpling, Bean, Mousy and Junebug"

due-due due-due due-due duuue

Let's see what Mojo wrote down, shall we:

"Who are 5 new foster kitties that I'm not allowed to harrass?"


and how much did you wager Mojo?

"all the treats!"

well a cat can dream, can't he.

here are some pics:
Junebug (21059), AKA momma cat:

The whole clan (Animal IDs 21059, 21062-5):
from left to right, mousy, dumpling, and sprout:


Dumpling and Sprout in the wrestling pit:

Mousy jumps in!

Mousy and Dumpling:

Momma and Dumpling; Dumpling has a bad right eye, he will most likely be blind in that eye. :(

PLEASE HELP FOSTER! The Kittens need you help!!!!


Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Welcome Sprout, Dumpling, Bean, Mousy and Junebug. Everyone loves kittens. Sorry little one, about that bad eye. So happy you are helping foster kittens since the shelter is so overloaded. That is a very clever way of presenting your new foster family to us via Alex Trebek. Dear Vanna White, please show us all the vowels in adoption. A __ O __ __ I O __. All the shelter cats are Grand Champions.

MommKatt said...

They are a sweet group. Junebug is a cutie too, I know she is very relieved to be at your house. The babies look like they are an active group. Many thanks for helping them get a good start in life.

ScamperDude said...

What cute little fellas! - I want Bean!

Carrie Lawlor said...

I adopted Bean this weekend. She is such a sweetie!!!