Monday, April 03, 2006


Hi! My name is Mojo, and welcome to my blog. My favorite foods are purina indoor cat chow, olives, and shortbread cookies. I also like mice, feathers, high places and the color blue. I live in Charlottesville, VA with 5 roommates in a little apartment I like to call "The Jungle". First, there's my brother Fox and sister Tahlula.

Fox is a bigger cat, tall and muscular, incredibly handsome and charismatic. He’s also a big baby. I like to boss him around and take his treats right out from under his nose. He may have gotten the size and good looks in the family, but I’ve got the gumption. I mean, for smurf's sake, the cat still has a security blanket. Never-the-less, he is quite nice and very affectionate with both us cats and the humans. The humans often go on and on about how cute he is... geesh.

Talulah is my big sister... and I don’t mean older. Ever since this one trip to the doctor's office, she’s gained a lot of weight. We tried to get her to go on a diet, but when we gave her less food, she would find ways to eat our food. After a few weeks on the diet, Fox and I lost a couple pounds, but she was still gaining. Go figure. She’s a nice girl though, very very smart, and not a sissy like Fox. With her brains and my athleticism, we can accomplish anything. It also helps that she's not afraid of anything, including strangers and The Outside... not even the monster that lives in the closet (some call it Hoover the Terrible). She really only gets upset when I try to rough-house with her too much.

Then there’s my weird step-brother Charlemagne (aka Big Boy at the SPCA). I don’t even know where to start with that guy. Just to give you an idea, his nick-name is squiggley because he makes noises like a squirrel when he jumps and he wiggles a lot, including incessant tail wagging. My theory is he got a little too much catnip as a kitten. More on him later... he's hard to get a picture of... always moving.

Nick and Rena, my Human servants, live with me as well, and are pretty swell. Nick raised us since we were teeny-tiny; he claims he could pick all three of us up in one hand. After seeing the pictures of when we first moved into the apartment, I believe it.

Also, there is rumored to be another cat living in the apartment. Unlike my sweet, mild-mannered self, this cat has been known to howl like a coyote at odd hours of the night, scale window screens, steal popcorn, and break into bags of treats and cat food. As for myself, I doubt the existence of this "Mr. Howl", but some who are more superstitious than I, believe he resides somewhere inside the apartment.


Marsha said...

Hi, Mojo!!

Bonnie PAP said...

I love those kitten pictures. Too cute!

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